Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Busy week...

I had another one of those weeks that just whizzes by.

Saturday was a wonderful day at the Handmade Harvest show. The hosts Emily and Colleen of BlackBird in Almonte were wonderful and the show was a great success. To find out more about how the show went and view a few pics check out their blog.

Although I was tired on Sunday I had a strange urge to start to reorganize and tidy my studio. I had the Tin Man rearrange some shelves and bring in an old cabinet from the back room to use. I'm tired of just have ugly shelves for everything. I've had this cabinet in the back room for many year thinking I would refinish it but I really didn't have any where it could fit. So I decided I would use it in my studio. It's a little rough around the edges but maybe I'll paint it next summer. It makes me happy! Although I still have things I wanted to rearrange in the studio it was on to more creative and way over due projects on Monday. I finished an order for a little guys "first year" scrap book. I've been working on it since some time in the spring I think. Needless to say it took me a little longer than I expected. Once this was finished I took a little time for some card making. This was like a reward for getting this major project done on my to do list and I needed to replenish my card stock for upcoming shows. The rest of the week was filled up with mostly domestic chores with a little break for Tai Chi and Chai tea with the girls. I had done Tai Chi years ago and gotten away from it and it feels so good to be back at it. I'm really enjoying it.

Today in between cleaning house I was thinking about my vision board I'll be doing here with Michelle. She gave us some homework to complete before class on Sunday and it really got me thinking. Probably a little too much since my brain is usually in overload at the best of times. I think I'm going to try to do a Passion Vision Board for my first one. I'll let you know how it goes and I'll see if anyone wants to share their finished board with you next week. LOL.

So I'm off to tidy the studio for Sunday's workshop and then to a Glass Bead show tomorrow with the girls. Wow what more could you ask for in one weekend!

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Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

A little change can bring such fresh inspiration. Hope you post more pics of your studio. Looks great.


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