Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Here are my treasures I found on our outing this past weekend.

I found this old portable typewriter at a garage sale for a really good price. My friend Sheila has been looking for one, so if she can get it to work she can have it. Other wise I'll take it apart to use for jewelry or some mixed media assemblage.
I found these metal print types at an antique store in Cornwall. They had piles of them but I wasn't sure what a good price was and the Tim Man was giving me that look so I had to limit myself to about 25 of them. Note to self...check out what the going price for print types is.
These clocks and parts I got from a great blogger friend Jennifer at the Milk House Gallery. If you're ever in the Prescott area she has a wonderful little shop with lots of antique and vintage items. I'll be taking some of these clocks apart for the gears and such. I'm not sure about the 2 on the right though. I've grown kind of fond of them. I'll put them on a shelf to admire in my studio for now anyway.

So that was it for my weekend finds. It's inspired me to get back at my steampunk jewelry. But first to get taking apart some things. Well that's usually the Tin Man's job. I might have to wait till this heat lets up a bit though.

Have a great day. And always keep you eyes open for great treasures!!


Sheila said...

Oh my God you found one, that's so cool, bring it over.

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Love the old type! Can't wait to see what you create next. Thanks for dropping by. It's always a pleasure!!


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