Monday, July 5, 2010

Spencerville grist mill

The Tin Man and I took a little break this weekend and heading down to the St. Laurence Seaway to check out a few flea markets and antique shops.
On the way down we stopped in a little village just off the 416 called Spencerville. We stopped to visit an antique shop but ended up touring the old mill waiting for it to open. We had a lovely young guide to tell us all about the history of the mill and it's recent restorations. It's one of the only grist mills left standing in the area. Fires were a common occurrence in the mills due to the dust of grinding the grains. Although this one did have a fire shortly after it was built in the 1800's it was rebuilt and recently has been restored for the public to view this wonderful time in Eastern Ontario's history.

The mill lies on the South Nation River so I was also able to take a few nature snap shots too. It was such a lovely sunny day that this frog waited around sunning himself while we went and had lunch and I changed my lens to get a close up.

I'm always fascinated with waterlilies. They're definitely up their on my top 5 favourite flowers.
I'll try and post the treasures I purchased while we were out, in the next few days.
Back to the old grind now.

Have a great day!

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