Sunday, September 24, 2017

ATC Swap with a twist.

Usually for our monthly ATC meetings we have a theme and our cards are made at home, ready to swap during the meeting. But once a year we do a baggie swap ATC. This is where we all bring a small baggie of goodies and make our cards during the meeting. The last few years we did themes for our baggies and swapped baggies before making our ATC.  This year we decided to give it a new twist. We still swapped baggies before starting to make our ATCs but for an extra challenge we only had 10 minutes to work on our ATC and then we had to pass it to the person beside us who continued to work on it for another 10 minutes. We then passed it on to a third person to finish it up for another 10 minutes. This was a challenge but great fun. We had time to do this a second time with a quick swap of our baggies.
So each of these ATCs has been created by 3 people in the group.

Have you tried to do this kind of ATC challenge? Do you have suggestions for some other challenges for our group. If you do please give me a shout. We love a challenge!

Happy Creating

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