Sunday, June 24, 2012

Maps, text, sewing book swap.

I'm a little slow but finally here are all the pages from this years ATC group book swap. The theme was maps, text and sewing. So the pages had to be 6"X6.5" in size and you had to do as many as signed up which was 11. I believe this is the 9th book swap we've done since our first in 2006.  It's always fascinating to see the variety that our group creates. I found this one a bit of a challenge to get all three items on a page but I guess that's why we do them.  I started off with an idea and was going to make all the pages along the same lines but then I got bored and kind of veered off on a few other tangents and finally my pages got finished. So here they are.

So in the end each person gets a page from each participant so you end up with a wonderful little inspirational book. Thanks ladies for all your creative work. The books look awesome.

Happy Creating.



Days End Studio said...

Gooooorgeous, each and every one! What treasures.

Sheila said...

Looks awesome, I can't wait to pick up my much fun.


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