Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quilting cards

Earlier in the year I made a card with this stamped quote on it but the saying just didn't really match the card. So at one of my shows a lady asked me to make some cards that were more quilt like to go with the saying. This was something that I already had on my mind so I told her I would. 
After a month or so of having it floating around in my head I finally came up with a few designs and here they are.
I tried to come up with my own patterns but the old traditional quilting blocks kept coming back to me so that is what I ended up doing. So much easier to do with paper than material!
Years ago I tried my hand at quilting and decided it wasn't for me. The sewing machine and I do not have a good relationship and so I satisfy my quilting desires by collecting fat quarters and every once in a while making some kind of paper quilting project.

Am I the only one with a bad sewing relationship? Let me know if you do to and how you deal with it!


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