Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great week.

I've had a wonderful week and beginning of the holiday season.

We had a great time at my Open House on Sunday. Thanks to all that came out and for all your donations to our local food bank. I brought in a large box of groceries to help them out during the holiday season.

To start off my week I found out that I won a Holiday with Matthew Mead magazine on Monday morning from Jennifer over at Adventures in Mixed Media. She was very prompt at mailing to me since I received it yesterday. I'd never hear of this magazine and am very pleased to be introduced to it. It has many beautiful and inspiring holiday images and ideas. I love trying new decorating ideas for the holiday so this will be very helpful. Thank you Jennifer.
Also this week I received another item that I won from Ten Second Studio. Back in October they did a raffle for Cancer awareness month with the proceeds going to the Susan G. Koman Fund. There were 10 canvas' to chose to win and I won the Suze Weinberg canvas. Isn't it amazing. Thanks Megan and Cheryl from Ten Second Studio and Suze. I love it.
So that was my amazing week so far. Wasn't that a great way to start December! I'm ready to start the holiday season!

Now I'm off to Tai Chi and tea with friends.

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Lynn Stevens said...

I'd say thats a great strat of your week, Congrats on both wins and to win an original from Suze ,too cool!


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