Thursday, November 26, 2009

My workspace

So I don't usually show people my workspace without altering (read tidy) it before hand but here is my jewelry workspace where I was working last night without any alterations. Okay so it's not so bad but you can't see the large piles of things all around that I haven't figured out how to organize yet.
After discovering Magpie girls blog this morning the wheels and cogs in my brain started to creak. I was reading her 8 things list about Creative Rhythm and it made me realize that I really don't know what my creative rhythm is. Some days it seems to work but for the most part I don't feel that it does. I get distracted easily and don't have my priorities clearly set in my mind. So without putting a huge amount of thought into it here is my preliminary list of 8 things about my creative rhythm:
  1. I work best with soothing music in the background.
  2. Things need to be relatively organized so I can get at them as soon as the thought strikes me. Digging or searching for items can loose the creative flow.
  3. I don't tidy up after myself every time I have a creative session but I do do regular tidy ups so things don't get too out of hand.
  4. I seem to be doing a lot of creating in the evening which is strange for me because I've never been a night person. This is something to consider, why I'm doing it and how I can create more during the day.
  5. Outer creative stimulus is important both for the creative mind and socially support, so I get together regularly with a creative friends.
  6. When I'm creating my mind seems to be going a mile a minute, my pulse feels like its racing and I'm working on many creations at once. Although this works on some levels it's exhausting and probably not the most productive method. This is something I need to look closer at and see how I can improve it.
  7. Lists: I am a list person which I need to accept and use them for good not evil. See them as helpful support not nagging reminders.
  8. Although I don't schedule things in my life I think some loose schedule would be helpful for me right now.
Thanks you for listening to my creative rambling. Let me know what your creative rhythm is.

Here's a pair of earring I did finish last night in the midst of my disorganized desk.

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Sheila said...

Good exercise, I should try it. I like the earings, nice photo looks very professional.


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